About Us


Hashcloudmine is a registered subsidiary of the SilverCrest L.P. responsible for providing asset management/financial advisory services to retail investors, families, corporate entities and select institutional investors.

We combine the client-focused service which was the hallmark of private banks and investment counsel firms in an earlier age with state of the art theories of portfolio construction, risk management and diversification.

Silvercrest's professionals have dedicated their careers to wealth management and our Managing Directors, who average more than 20 years of wealth management experience, have advised their clients through the boom of bull markets and the gloom of bear markets. We are not swayed by market manias. We are only interested in seeing our clients' assets invested in a manner consistent with their tolerance for risk.

Hashcloudmine is free from the numerous conflicts of interest inherent to larger organizations. Our small size and collegial partnership culture—combined with the spirit, camaraderie and character of our organization—stand in sharp contrast to much of Wall Street and the financial services industry. We enjoy working with one another and with our clients. In many cases, the portfolio manager has worked with three or four generations of the same family. The quality, integrity and independence of our advice, coupled with our unwavering commitment to client service, sets us apart in a crowded field.

Hashcloudmine currently advises on over $19 billion for a clientele comprised primarily of families, as well as endowments, foundations and other institutional investors. Hashcloudmine’s family office, advisory and investment capabilities are available to clients interested in investing substantial assets.


In advising our clients on portfolio strategies we are driven only to meet our clients' investment objectives—not to generate commissions or placement fees. Quality service and transparent management of your assets combined with unwavering integrity and exceptional talent are what we proudly bring to every one of our clients.